Home care services in the New Forest

Not ready to leave your own home? Do you want peace of mind to be supported to maintain your quality and independence of life in your own familiar and personal surroundings?

We provide a comprehensive range of services and offer a pre service visit to enable you to meet us and discuss on a personal level in detail the care you need. 

Our services include:

Personal careIncluding tasks such as bathing, washing and dressing, toileting, meal preparation including feeding and administering and collecting medication.

Night time care
We can provide sleep or awake duties.

If family and friends are away on vacation, or even away for a few hours or more, we can keep you company to prevent isolation or loneliness, or even to give family carers a break.

We can also escort you should you wish to take a day trip, attend an appointment or even a function including the theatre.

Hospital assistance
Following a stay in hospital we can help you adjust back to day to day living, ensuring you are back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Domestic services and general supportIf you need help with everyday tasks such as cleaning and shopping we have the solution.

Palliative CareWe can offer you and your family support when an illness may no longer be curable and you want to receive end of life care and support in the comfort of your own home.

Support Services
Perhaps you are physically able but would like some companionship or someone to take you on trips out or to pop round for a cup tea? We can help.
We provide support workers to help people at home or out in the community to promote independent living. We can provide support services to people with physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental health problems and the elderly.
A support session could last from 1 hour to 10 hours, depending on what is required.

The realisation that someone you love has dementia can be difficult to come to terms with. Our staff are expertly trained in assisting people with dementia to maximise their independence and maintain a good quality of life.
It is becoming increasingly preferable to support people with dementia at home rather than residential care, as the environment is familiar and it is easier to maintain stability for people with dementia with a regular consistent routine in familiar surroundings.
We can provide assistance with personal care and companionship.

Residential care

As a member of the Care Commission you can rest assured you and your family members are in safe hands. Call
01425 621 461

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